Lightsaber  battles  throughout  the Star  Wars Saga

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Nothing like feeling like complete shit blehh


Seahaven - Understanding

did you ever pray? let me rephrase,
did you ever pray to overcome
the circumstantial barricades?
well I don’t pray for even myself,
so I doubt that I’d do it for somebody else
but I would have for you if I knew it would help.

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Because I could love and drown in your goddamned smile lines

But I think I burnt up watching you rallying to stay alive

And I guess that’s fine

It seems we all get sick

We all die in some no name hospital with the same coloured walls

And I guess that’s fine

But I want to swallow, I want to stomach, I want to live

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I wanna be apart of your inside jokes. I want know about each pill you take, and where deep in your body it goes.

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